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  • Aluminum Composite Signs


    If you’re interested in elegant signs that dazzle, our custom aluminum composite signs are your answer. Your images and words will glimmer on their shiny surface.  Make your message last with custom aluminum composite signs. Extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather.  Custom metal signs are built to last.  Our signs are the leading substrate for parking and real estate signs, as well as business and corporate promotions.  Use our signs in your entrance, reception area, and conference rooms to give a polished and professional appearance. Aluminum can be printed on both sides to advertise at every angle and can be installed indoors or out.

    • Includes Rounded corners 
    • Full color print on single (.040) or double-sided on (ACM)
    • Includes 3M UV-laminate that lasts up to 4-6 years for outdoor use
    • Includes two pre-drilled holes on top and bottom middle of .040 signs
    • Optionally Includes two (2) grommets at the top of aluminum composite signs
    • Comes in various sizes

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  • Booklets and Catalogs

    Printed booklets and promotional catalogs can be informative, well-designed, and are the ideal ways to showcase what your company has to offer.  Both are custom created to reflect the excellence of your business.  We offer both saddle stitch binding and perfect binding for a professional look.  Choose from a variety of paper stocks, sizes, and page counts for your custom catalogs and booklets.

    Catalogs are perfect bound, and the max book thickness is 1.6″ (40mm).  We can make a wide range of book sizes from 4.72″ x 1.97″ to 12.6″ 15.75″.

    Perfect binding has several compelling benefits. Firstly, and most importantly for many, it’s very affordable. Not only are perfectly bound books more cost effective than hardcover binding methods, perfect binding can be used on relatively small print runs, allowing you to create high quality printed products on a budget.

    Another benefit of perfect binding is that it creates a flat spine that can then be printed on. This allows information such as the title of the publication and author to appear on the spine. 

    Every order comes with a hard copy proof included to ensure a flawless print.

    We can accommodate for larger quantities, or custom solutions. Please call us at 805-577-1500 or email us at for more information.

  • Brochures

    Custom brochures are an excellent way to market your business.  Brochures will let you showcase your business, express the services and products your business offers, and to tell your business story. They are versatile to your needs. They can be mailed out, distributed at any event or displayed in the front of your business.

    Each brochure we print will impress your customers and showcase your company in a positive light.  We carry multiple premium paper stocks with various sizes and fold options to choose from. 

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  • Coroplast Signs

    Printed coroplast signs are a great low-cost option for all sorts of signage needs. Everything from yard signs, to realty signs, to event signs, and more.  The 4mm corrugated plastic is sturdy and holds up to both indoor and outdoor conditions.  For a custom size, order below. Or if you’d rather order a preset size, click on the yard sign button below.

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  • Event Tickets with Perforation

    Make your event even more memorable with ours custom event ticket printing. These prints are often complementary to other marketing materials such as event posters and flyers. Tickets serve as gate a pass for various events such as concerts, parties, exhibits and auctions. Your custom 2″x5.5″ or 3.5″x8x5″ tickets become keepsakes that continually remind patrons of your business.

    For more information,

    For other custom solutions, please contact us at 805-577-1500 or
  • Floor Decals

    Amplify the space of any business with a visually appealing floor decal. These easy-to-apply/remove decals come in both temporary and heavy-duty materials for both indoor and outdoor uses, and display your design vibrantly on slip-resistant surfaces.

    We are offering social distancing floor print sets as well.  Sets include six 12″ round prints, and some sets also include horizontal pieces. 

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  • Flyers

    No matter what industry you’re in, spread the message about your business, products, or upcoming events with custom flyers.  They are a foolproof way to get in touch with customers and prospects. Custom flyers are colorful, high in quality and attractive. 

    Create flyers for handouts or mailing inserts.  Can be used for promotional take-aways, advertising, real estate, awareness purposes or political campaigns.  They come in various sizes and paper stock. They can be full color both sides or single sided. 

    Production time is 2-3 business days.  One day rush available, extra fees apply.

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  • Foam Core Sign


    Our full-color photo-quality printed foam core display boards will highlight your important products, services, events, discounts and bestsellers. Improve your brand recognition with vibrant, colorful, and informative graphics and text. Reproduce your works of art or large photos at a more affordable price.  We offer photo-quality glossy, semi-gloss, and matte finishes for a polished and quality look. Our full-color foam core prints are mounted on 3/16” thick foam core board.

    Foam core signs are more substantial than your average posters, but still lightweight and portable enough to set up and take down in seconds. Improve your brand recognition with vibrant, colorful, and informative graphics and text. 

    Creating foam core signs are easy. Select the quantity, size, select your design and a few other details. 

    Foam Board Tips

    Select a size best for your event

    Use large font

    Make your message simple

    Use hi-resolution images

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  • Frosted Vinyl


    Frosted vinyl creates a professional and elegant look. It is designed to emulate frosted glass. The frosted vinyl mimics the look of specialty glass without the added cost. Companies elevate their logo onto the glass using frosted vinyl to promote their brands. Frosted vinyl is perfect for glass-walled offices, glass partitions or meeting rooms. The frosted surface diffuses and reduces light providing a comforting environment. This can be effectively used where curtains and blinds are not desired. Vinyl instantly enhances any room in your home and create privacy without feeling closed in. Vinyl is perfect for shower glass doors, bathrooms and cabinet glass doors.

    Multiple size options and die-cutting available.

    Printed on 3ms  and other high-quality vinyl.

    • Turnaround is 2-3 business days
    • Rush Service Available

    For other custom solutions, please contact us at 805-577-1500 or

  • Greeting Cards

    Personalize your very own custom greeting card for special occasions and send them out to all your customers and supporters to show them that you care.  We use high-quality inks, durable paper stocks and appealing designs in various sizes to create cards that are sure to impress your recipients.  

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  • Letterhead

    Your printed custom letterhead is the imprint of your brand identity.  Custom letterhead adds a professional touch to your business.  Letterheads are one of the most used tools in businesses. Many transaction requires written documents such as office memos, product handouts and sales sheets.  Give your invoices, quotes and correspondence a professional touch using custom letterhead. With a create and catchy design, your letterheads will be appealing and informative to your target market. Using your creative letterhead stationery, your written communication will have a cohesive look that reflects your style.  Personalized stationery will set you apart from the competition, establish your brand, and earn new business. 

    All our letterhead is printed on premium paper stock.  Foiling and leafing available options. Production is 2 -3 business days. 1 business day rush is available with an additional fee.

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  • Postcards

    Custom printed postcards are one of the most cost-effective and popular marketing tools used as direct-mail ads and impress your customers. Besides being a strong marketing application, custom printed postcards are versatile to showcase a store grand opening, personalized discount deals or mail campaigns.  Hand them out on the streets, display them at your front desk or use them as a mail insert. Entrepreneurs can use them to promote their brand.

    Choose from some of the most popular sizes, including 4″x 6″, 5″x 7″, 6″x 9″, and 8.5″x 5.5″.  Various premium paper stocks including plastics and metallic are other options.  Your business cards can be die cut into any shape!  Imagine your business cards standing out in the shape of a coffee cup, blow dryer, or a drill.

    Production time is 2 -3 business days.

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